28.11.2018 Message of the day updated (URL and email contact were outdated).
10.08.2013 Changed host name to get rid of dyndns.org that is becoming more and more annoying. Baygon Vert is now reachable at baygon.aventury.fr.
14.11.2009 DServer updated to an experimental fix to prevent teams and players files from being written when there was no activity on the server.
31.03.2008 Message of the day updated (at least!).
05.03.2007 Server stats restored from 13.12.2006 backup because of some players cheating after this date.
27.02.2007 Baygon Vert home page opened.
25.02.2005 Baygon Vert server was stopped a few hours (so sad!) because of the host moving to a new place!
14.02.2003 Baygon Vert server started... and will never, never, never! stop (untill the death of the host).
07.06.2002 Host's birth! Say hello to this good old Amiga 1200/030 under AmigaOS 3.1.